Brexit: how terribly unexpected

By Richard North - 25 January 2021

I think that I may have occasionally voiced a certain level of dissatisfaction with the legacy media and its treatment of the EU, and then Brexit. But if there was a prize for totally crass reporting, this week’s prize (assuming the Daily Express was excluded) would have to go to The Sunday Times and the utterly facile piece by… View Article full story

Brexit: echoes of Arnhem

By Pete North -

At the beginning of January we saw the passing of, perhaps, Britain’s greatest ever civil servant, Brian Urquhart. I’d never heard of him until it was pointed out that he was officer named Fuller in A Bridge Too Far. The young intelligence officer who warned General Browning of the 9th SS Panzer Division stationed at… View Article full story

The death of the Airfix generation

By Pete North - 24 January 2021

Though born in 1979, a full generation after WW2, I think it fair to say that I was still raised in the long shadow of that war. I grew up going to airshows which originally had been all about demonstrating our technological and military prowess. Until the early nineties, the RAF was still largely a… View Article full story